Song For The Ex’s – Part 1

So, a little know fact about me is I did the whole teenage angst phases and wrote some poetry many years ago. I even went as far as to self publish and I believe a copy of it is even in the British Library.

Song For The Ex’s – Part 1 and 2 were a twin part set I wrote when I first started out my journey of discovery about myself after several bad break ups. And still to this day they resonate deeply with me.

So please, don’t judge me too harshly as I open up my old poetry book and share with you….

Song For The Ex’s – Part 1

I’m not a screaming scene queen

Or a drunken yob

I’m not a married husband

Or a one night fuck

I’m part and parcel

A complicated mix

To each I’ve tried to be what’s best

But all the time I’ve forgotten the rest

It’s time I took control

And become who I am

I’m special and unique

The sum of my parts

So listen now

I’ve done my thinking

I’ve tried to be what I’m not

Take me or leave me

Never again will I change

If you can’t love me for who I am

Then, well, you can’t love me at all

I can be a screaming scene queen

I can be a drunken yob

I can be the married husband

But not the one night fuck

I’m a mixture and I’m me

So take it or leave it

I’ve finally learned to be me


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